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About Us

We are team of expert home interior designers to give personal attention to each customer. The company assigns a client to an interior designer, considering the project value, situation of the site, and requirements. Our designers work as per your requirement and specifications and produce the best results.

State of the art home interiors

We make use of the latest design trends and work with a commitment to bring out the best possible result. Our works include visiting the site, taking actual measurements and making drawings as per the requirements of the client. The process includes layout plan 2D drawings, 3D views and revisions towards the final result to the satisfaction of the client. Thus, a team of professionals leads clients through a creative point for interior decoration works.

  • First, we make the design in discussion with the client, get approval and then build it exactly as per plan. Each branch has expert designers, working closely with clients in co-operation with business development managers, factory and project installation team.
  • 100% Customized Home Interiors


Our dedicated, young team has easy access to all the site locations in Bangalore. Everyone has different requirements and different taste when it comes to home interiors. An expert interior designer should be able to create appealing designs that are in line with the customer’s likes, at the same time

With Elite interiors, customers can express their ideas and needs directly. Our top interior designers will prepare the layouts after understanding your concepts and requirements completely.

Every single detail will be discussed with you and your suggestions will be well incorporated.

The initial designs will go through several modifications and improvements as per customer’s demands. Our best interior designers will be there to incorporate all of the customer’s suggestions into the designs.

After each revision, we will contact the client to know their opinions about the design. The designers will be available for detailed discussions regarding the layouts or revisions.

Once the client is satisfied with the final designs, sales officer will collect the advance payment and send the project to factory for production. Normally it takes only 35-45 working days to complete a home interior furnishing project once the design is finalized.

Once the design is finalized, the project along with layouts and drawings are sent to the factory for production.

The project team and factory manager analyzes the designs thoroughly and one of the project members pays a visit to the actual site to validate the measurements and practicality of the designs in the actual site.

During this phase, in case if he or she finds any mismatch or incorrect measurements, the designs will be sent back to the designers to rework. If everything is perfect, the project manager will co-ordinate with the site supervisor to ensure that the site is ready for installation. Products and materials are delivered to the work site upon receiving confirmation from project manager as per the hand over date promised to the client.

The installation team will proceed with installation once the final payment is received from the client. Installation procedure includes installation of furniture, testing its functionality and cleaning to get rid of the dust and moisture.
Installation, testing and cleaning of a 3-bedroom apartment requires 8 days. In total, a normal project may take anywhere between 35 – 45 working days to complete production and installation after the design is approved.

Once the installation and cleaning process is completed, the installation team will hand over the key to the client. After the project handover, the customers may be asked to fill up a customer satisfaction form to evaluate the team’s performance.